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The Effects Of Climate Change

There are various effects that have been predicted to come about from climate change. One of these is that there will be rising sea levels. This is because it is anticipated that rising temperatures would lead to more ice caps melting and therefore more water in the oceans and seas causing that rise. This is bad news for low lying areas which would get covered in the water potentially, some nations have hardly any points that are more than a few metres above sea level currently so it's a big concern for them.

Another change that has been predicted is that flowers will start to bloom earlier and generally that natural cycles will be disrupted. Whilst this might not harm some species and creatures for every winner there will be a loser and it may be that some simply cannot adjust to the new order and therefore there could be an increasing rate of extinctions which is bad news for all of us.

One of the impacts that it less well documented is to do with space junk. Space junk is staying in orbit longer than it used to which means that there is more of it there too. This is because the atmosphere is reducing in density at a certain key distance above the earth and therefore there is less molecular braking which means that the junk stays up there longer.

This is potentially significant as the more debris there is the more potential hazardous impacts there will be for other spacecraft.

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