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Green Credit Cards

Energy Generation
When it comes to green financial products, you may well have heard of green mortgages, but what about green credit cards?

Well there are now quite a large range of so-called "green" credit cards, and as you would expect some of these are more green than others.

In many cases, the "Green" element simply means that the contact with the account is done without paper. So instead of receiving a paper based statement in an envelope and sending back an envelope with a cheque in, all using paper, instead you receive online statements, contact by email, and make payment electronically online too.

There are credit cards that offer more than this, and these may include things such as discounts on certain products that are 'green': such as discounts on a bike bought in certain places to encourage people to buy a bike and drive a car less presumably.

Other green elements could be offering zero interest on certain types of purchase: such as train tickets, or other forms of public transport, and discounts on things like green energy purchases.

Some credit cards either make a donation when you buy the product to a green related trust or charity, or alternatively may make an annual donation of usually a fixed amount to a green charity that you choose from their list, or simpyl the one that they partner with.

So are these cards a good idea? Well, the ones that do make worthwhile donations rather than simply offer paperless billing, and give you green incentives could be attractive. But if you are sort of person that will have interest to pay, then you are better off getting a zero interest deal then when you save on huge amounts of interest donating that to the green cause of your choice instead!

Green Credit Card Deals

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