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Whilst businesses are there primarily to make money for themselves, keep their staff employed and provide a valuable service to the community, there is now an increasing focus on operating in an environmentally responsible way.

Many businesses have been accused of just paying lip service to being green and doing half-hearted things to help improve their companies use of resouces. However there is a real wave of change passing over businesses with many now genuinely looking to adopt greener measures.

And whilst there has been scaremongering that going green means costly changes and losing a lot of money, there are actually many practices that save resources and therefore money in the process - for instance minimising printing means less paper is used and less printer ink also consumed, allowing the budget for these to go further.

If you have any tips on how a business can be green and more environmentally conscious, please send them to us through the contact form. Here is a list of current ideas for running a green, or greener, business:

Make your business greener
Points to consider when sponsoring tree planting
Save paper at home and the office