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Alternatives to Plastic

Plastic Alternatives
When plastics were first discovered accidentally, they were a revolutionary break through and have changed many aspects of society for the better.

And there are still many applications where they are literally indispensible.

However, they have also been used for massive amounts of packaging and particularly things like supermarket bags and other bags you get out and about when shopping.

One of plastics most attractive properties, that it is relatively inert and therefore won't biodegrade, is also one of the worst for the environment. But there are a variety of products out there that are real alternatives to plastic.

One of the products that has received much attention of late are bags that are bio-friendly and made of materials that are much better for the environment and won't stay around for thousand of years cluttering up landfill sites and making the landscape look a mess.

So invest in some bio-friendly bags - not only can you use them time and time again which is a great saving in resource terms, but you'll also be doing your bit for the environment and making yours a greener household!