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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy
The term 'renewable energy' has been a buzzword for many years, and people often use the phrase without real thought as to exactly what it is and how it can work to benefit us in the future.

There are a range of reasons why we should encourage research and adoption of renewable energy. For one thing, when all the natural resources and deposits of gas are used up then it's either back to coal or finding other energy sources, and an alternative to the nuclear route is always important to find.

On a practical level, renewable energy is of course sustainable as we should be able to harness it forever, and also should be very clean and green with minimal or no waste products (such as wind farms and solar power).

However, there are certain technical barriers that need to be overcome in some places to make these technologies commercially viable, and some will be more viable in environments that suit their use more.

Here we look at what renewable energy is in general, whilst at the same time looking into more detail at a range of types of renewable energy, their pros and cons, and even some information on how you can take steps to harness some particular renewable energy sources in your homes.

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