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Green Household: Green Living

Welcome to The Green Household website. This site contains lots of information on how to be green.

We have tips and articles on saving energy in and around the home; how to recycle better and making home improvements that can lower your bills and help the environment, including investing in greenhouses to grow your own fruit and veg.

We've just added our Carbon Footprint Calculator to the site, so be sure to give it a try now and find an estimate of your carbon footprint.

We have a range of tips on reducing your carbon emissions:
  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Energy saving bulbs
  • Double glazing
  • Loft installation

Read our list of Comprehensive Energy Saving Tips such as how to save energy with a smart meter >>>

A Green house?
You've probably invested a lot into making your house the perfect home for you - particularly if you are running the household in as green a way as possible.

Running a green household means thinking green inside and outside the house. Generally, modern solutions, fixtures and fittings are more environmentally friendly than those from previous decades, as energy concerns and efficiency are much more important now. A range of cheap fitted kitchens are available at Wren Kitchens showrooms throughout the country. Visit www.wrenkitchens.com today to find your nearest one.

Articles on Going Green

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