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Gardening is something that many of us do for pleasure as a pastime. But there are really important environmental benefits to gardening too.

Many indigenous species in a range of countries are threatened and endangered. This could be due to human action, environmental changes or simply predation or being out-competed by alien species that have been introduced accidentally or on purpose by humans.

Through gardening we can bring back a range of plants and other flora and fauna that will encourage and help a range of native animals, plants, butterflies, insects and birds.

In terms of the human drive for being greener, we can also recycle lots of wasted food material to make great compost for the garden, and re-use our bath water to water plants rather than waste fresh drinking water through the hose or taps for that purpose.

In short, gardening and making the most of our garden and household waste can help make our households a lot greener.

Cultivate Your Garden for a Greener Home

Home gardeners can make use of the waning autumn sun by planting seedlings in greenhouses. Some of the best greenhouses are heated by gas and electricity, but it's not necessary to do either if the structure is well sealed and insulated. Growing plants in covered conservatories is not only a way to nurture seedlings but to nurture tender vegetables such as aubergines, tomatoes and herbs.

Get ideas for a garden or greenhouse by visiting local botanical gardens and keeping an eye out for spacing and cultivation tips on indigenous and rare plants. Visit your local voucher sites to check for discount codes that provide percentage discounts on tickets to parks in your area.

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