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Green News Stories

Green Energy
Green issues are in the news more and more, and that's a positive sign. The more people get used to green stories as simply part of the general news and stream of stories from around the world, the better.

There is little doubt that the green agenda is here to stay, and that is very positive. People around the world need to be much more conscious about the human impact on the environment and acknowledge that one of the downsides of the massive technological developments we've made over the last few hundred years has had a negative impact that could affect the future of the planet in a negative way when it comes to life and the biodiversity on it.

In this section we take a look at stories that are related to green issues in the news. And that doesn't just mean things to do with biodiversity, recycling, renewable energy - but any sort of green related issues, even things like space junk and ensuring that we don't litter orbit in the same way that we've littered the planet with junk! So anything that has any connection a green related issue or topic may make it into the Green News Stories section of this site.

Green News Stories

A green future and climategate: what is climategate?
Crocodiles and a warmer environment
Greener air travel
Keeping space clean: being green in the atmosphere
Solar powered flight: fact or fantasy
The 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro
The impact of light on wildlife
What is geoengineering - an explanation of geoengineering
What will plants do if there are no bees left
When did human influenced warming first occur