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Green Savings Accounts

Energy Generation
It has been observed many times that lots of companies and bodies want to present themselves as feeing impassioned by the green agenda and wanting to do their bit for the environment.

This means that they are keen to associate a link between them and being green in the public eye, seeing this is both virtuous and leading to a better public perception of the brand.

And you will have no doubt heard of green mortgages that have gained in popularity of late: but what account green savings accounts?

Well, these vary in quality when it comes to what they actually do for the environment, but there are some good products out there that really will do something positive for the environment.

For instance, there are savings accounts that will make donations, either regular or one off, to certain green charities or ecology / wildlife groups, which of course does not happen with most savings accounts.

There are also banks that have strong ethical policies, and therefore you can either have an impact on what they invest in directly by being consulted to some extent as to where your funds are invested, or have assurance from them that they will never invest in certain companies that they deem unethical - and that you probably will to if you are a 'green' lover then you are unlikely to want them to invest in fur trade companies for instance!

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