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Green Household Forums : The Weather

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Does a cold Winter mean global warming is false?

By: Household [24-May-10 12:08PM]
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One of the debates that rages to some extent is whether or not it being cold from time to time means that global warming is false.

If there are a few cold days or even a cold season some take this as evidence that global warming is not happening.

However there are a number of reasons why that may not be true: firstly global warming for the whole globe on average does not mean there won't be regions that might not get colder or wetter.

Secondly, fluctuations and wild swings in temperature are more likely, such as cold winters and hotter summers or more variations in temperature as traditional ocean currents and wind directions get disrupted and so forth.

And of course it's an average, so there are still going to be high and low periods relative to that, it's just that the baseline overall will change.

All of this means that you can't take a little bit of heat or cold for a few months to say that climate change is false, or indeed that it is true: it is all about looking at the worldwide pattern and how it changes over a number of years, and remembering that there are many factors that influence climate.

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