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Is climate change real?

By: Household [22-February-10 2:55PM]
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This is one of the hot topics of the day.

There is no doubt that there is a general scientific consensus that climate change is real, and specifically that there is evidence of man made climate change whereby our pollution and activities have pumped sufficient levels of gases into the atmosphere to affect global weather patterns.

What people don't agree on is to what extent we have influenced things, and how much we would need to reduce emissions to stop any major environmental impact, if that's still possible.

And for Joe Public, there are confusingly conflicting reports and opinions making it difficult to know what to think - and many people believe that there is no real evidence for human induced climate change, too.

What can be done to help the public decide on this issue, and what should governments be doing between them to mitigate the risk of climate change negatively impacting all our futures?

Be fascinating to hear people's thoughts on this

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