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Driving A Car That Is Green

We all know that driving a car is not the best thing there is for the environment with all sorts of emissions, although things are getting better. However car journeys in the modern world are viewed as pretty much a necessity by many people who need to get to work and back, go to the supermarket and so forth.

Given this then what can you do to at least minimise the impact? The answer is to shop around for a greener car.

As a general rule, the smaller the car the more efficient it will be, because it will tend to have a smaller engine pro rata and they are more fuel efficient than the larger engines.

To find out about the fuel economy of an engine and so on, there is information on CO2 emissions and fuel efficiency at the car fuel database which is linked to from the governments DirectGov website.

You need to remember that different versions of the same car can vary in their emissions of course when doing such a search and comparison between different models.

If you are looking at a car in a showroom also be mindful of fuel economy labels that show how fuel efficient a car is. These are rated from A up to G, with A being green and G being red which should tell you that A is seen as the best in terms of fuel efficiency, whilst the G rated is seen as the worst.

There are also Euro standards for emissions that are worth looking at, too.

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