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The Environment, Animals And Biodiversity

A recent report has suggested that the planet is going to be too hot for humans to live on it outside in the year 2300, which is outside our lifetimes of course but if people routinely live to be about 100 could incredibly only be three generations away in terms of being a problem: real and close enough to be something that warrants serious consideration now.

This was based on a model that said that tempeatures will increase by 12 degrees during that period; whether of course that model is accurate or not and whether the predictions for the various levels of emissions remains true is also of course something that could change and hopefully will - a stark warning nonetheless.

Another noticeable figure to come out recently is that there has been some 30 percent drop in animal populations in the last 40 years. Many species as a result of this are moving towards extinction. Partly this is due to habitat change taking place quicker than many species can adjust to.

What the future holds for all of us is therefore clearly in the balance so it is important that countries work together and elaborate on bringing emissions down to ensure that we do not have too big an impact on the environment before it is too late.

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