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Keeping Space Clean: Being Green In The Atmosphere

Whilst when you think about the green agenda and green issues then of course this tends to focus on the surface of the planet. But have you ever thought about looking up to the skies and wondering what goes on there?

Well the fact is that humans have created quite a mess up there in space, with lots of debris around, and there is more and more all the time.

With science and technology developing all the time, there is now the possibility of using lasers and other devices to blow up satellites that are in the earths orbit - this means that the amount of space junk could increase exponentially and mean that the most useful areas for satellite orbits etc are no longer usable.

The reason is that the more junk there is, the greater the chance of collisions, which means there will be more collisions. And those collisions in turn can cause more debris to be created leading to more collisions, and before you know it in a classic runaway effect the whole of space is full of junk.

So what can be done about it? Well, the nations are trying to talk to each other and ensure that a policy is put in place that will help to put in place rules to stop the earth being caged by space junk, with strict rules on things like satellite smashers to ensure that the current orbiting assets remain viable and that space does not fill with junk.

Date published: 23 Jul 2010

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