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Save Water And Save Energy

One of the things that many of us Brits do several times a day is to boil the kettle.

Particularly in Winter then it is a good way to warm yourself up with a nice hot drink.

And for those of us who like tea and coffee - and us Brits are said to be addicted to either one or the other - then again we boil the kettle many times a day.

Unfortunately it takes an awful lot of energy to boil water as is required for these hot drinks, because water is resistant to being heated up and so we need to pump lots of energy in to get its temperature up.

The end result is that the kettle is an energy intensive appliance, so that's not good for our bills or indeed for our goals of trying to save energy.

But as with many things it is actually very simple to reduce the water usage, the energy bill and therefore be green in the process (oh, and save money!)

The key is just to reduce how much water we boil. Surveys have suggested that most people add around 50% more water than they actually need when boiling the kettle. This adds up to a huge amount of wasted energy over the course of the year.

If you use a kettle where you can see clearly how much water has gone in, then simply place marks along the edge that correspond to the number of your cups so you know where to fill it for the number of drinks that you are making.

A final tip is to ensure if you live in a hard water area that you descale the kettle regularly as this will also help it to boil more efficiently and therefore waste less energy in the process.

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