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Technology And Solving The Food Crisis

Well there has been a lot of speculation in the media about how weird and sometimes wonderful technologies could be used to create crops that are resistant to disease, grow more quickly and so forth.

Whilst we have naturally created strains of plants that are better for farming than ever before through natural selection and interbreeding of strains that exhibit good properties, the focus from science has been on giving nature a helping hand, and of course there has been much prominent exposure given to genetic engineering, and specifically crops that have been modified by humans: genetic modification, with stories of Frankenstein foods and more.

Now there is news of a new rice crop that could be made to photosynthesies more quickly and therefore make new rice plants that produce a lot more rice, and more than that do so more quickly.

Many people are naturally worried about the safety of all this interfering with nature from science.

Can environmentalists and those who are much more interested in green and organic farming and growing of plants offer anything to the debate about helping to solve the food crisis? Well many media would appear to think not with the focus as mentioned usually being on scientific advances.

But that is actually not the case. By adopting green methods and farming practices around the world, many believe that people everywhere would actually have a better chance of being able to feed themselves, and moreover doing so in a way that is free from pesticides and other chemicals that are potentially dangerous, and over the long-term may show a big negative effect on human health.

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