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Waterless Washing Machines

Imagine it, if you will, a washing machine that uses hardly any water or even none at all.

Now we all know that water is a precious resource and that this looks likely only to increase as the world has greater and greater demands for water as time goes by.

How then can we conserve water? Well, washing machines use a lot so reducing their water needs would be a good step to help achieve this, but the problem is of course that it naturally seems we need water to wash our clothes!

However, machines that use barely any water are just around the corner, and therefore both the water and energy requirements will go right down when they hit the market.

Instead of using water this technology uses lots of small beads that have a large surface area between them and these are attracted to the molecules that cause the stains and dirt on clothes, meaning that the clothes are both dry after the event and clean: so the drying process does not even need to occur!

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