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What Is Generating Your Own Energy

We are all familiar with the way that power is traditionally supplied to the home: through the electricity grid for instance, and most homes also have gas supplied through pipes too.

The power or energy that we use in our homes therefore virtually always comes from elsewhere, and we pay for that privilege. However a range of technologies exist that will allow you to create your own energy, and if not the full amount that you need for your house then at least a percentage of it can be created by yourself.

There is even the ability to feed energy back into the grid, and therefore offset your bill and in the process ensure that some green energy is put into the grid.

The process of creating energy yourself is often referred to as microgeneration. The world is facing an energy crisis and it would appear that this is only going to get more severe in the future as the sources of fossil fuels are exhausted until we run out - at that stage other energy sources will be required and of those renewable ones are the most desirable to a large extent.

So that's what generating your own energy is, but how can you do it? The other articles in this section look at this in more detail.

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