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What Is Geoegineering? An Explanation

Geoengineering refers to the process of changing the environment ourselves in order to overcome global warning. This manipulation is something that is possible because of our advanced knowledge of the environment and the processes and cycles in it (compared to the past) and also our technological advances that would allow us to take action using scientific knowledge to counteract some of those processes.

One such example would be reflecting a higher percentage of the suns rays back out into space, and therefore to reduce warming because less heat gets in. The suggestion as to how to do this is to use sulphates because these reflect the light. It would alsobe possible to actually make clouds brighter using suitable salts and therefore for them to reflect more light too.

One way of reducing the amount of carbon dioxide could be by encouraging the growth of phytoplankton in the oceans as they will absorb it; to do this would need suitable minerals such as iron in order to promote their growth.

Of course, many of these proposals are controversial, not least because the money to implement would need agreement across the board and countries would need to pay for them, but simply practically because we are still not in possession of all the facts as to what processes cause what, and what the long term implications and feedback mechanisms may be. Bluntly, if we do something without understanding its impact on another cycle we could even potentially make matters worse if some unforeseen feedback loop kicks in for instance.

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