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Companies That Have Green Tariffs

There are some niche energy companies that specialise solely in green energy tariffs and supplying renewable energy.

However whilst these might be an obvious place to look, remember that the major energy companies in many cases also have a green tariff, or even a range of green tariffs, that you can apply for.

For instance, British Gas has a Future Energy Plus tariff, and a Future Energy tariff. Eon has a tariff that is called 'Go Green' whilst npower has its Juice / National Trust Green Energy tariff.

SouthernElectric has an RSPB energy plan, somethines called betterplan, and ScottishPower has a Green Energy Fund tariff and another that is called Simply Green.

Other suppliers that operate in this space are more niche. For instance there is a company called ecotricity that has a new energy plus tariff. Other examples are Good energy, with their good energy tariff, and Greenenergyuk with a Deep Green tariff.

In order to find out the green products that each producer has and to compare them, you can visit their individual websites and search for the word 'green'. This will bring up any green tariffs that they have. Alternatively if you find their list of tariffs page or compare tariffs page, you will be able to scan down the list and see any that appear to be green tariffs, and then click through for the detailed nitty gritty.

As ever, if you are getting a green tariff or want to move to one you should do careful research, not only to work out what the price is going to be but also to research and ensure that the tariff really is green and is going to make a difference in the way that you would want it to: read the supporting literature that accompanies each tariff carefully to ensure that you are comfortable with the justification for that particular tariff being green.

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