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Heat Pumps And Making Your Own Energy

Less well known that solar and wind power generators as they undoubtedly are, another method of generating your own energy, called microgeneration, is to use a heat pump.

What is a heat pump? Well this refers to a device that takes heat that is in one location, called the source, and moves it to another location, which is called the heat sink. This is done through the process of mechanical work.

They will generally take heat from somewhere at a lower tempearture source to a higher temperature sink. If this all sounds esoteric then you actually have a heat pump in your home and take it for granted - yes that's right, the refrigerator which does exactly this. Air conditioners also use the same process.

Where are heat pumps used around the house? Well, traditionally heat pumps will be seen in something like underfloor heating, due to the low grade of heat that is produced, but there are now some systems being developed that can actually work with radiators too.

Whilst the temperatures these systems can heat water to tend to be lower than a standard boiler, when you consider that this is green technology and that the energy is, in a sense, coming from thin air, this is pretty impressive stuff.

There are various companies that work in the heat pump market and it looks set to be another growing area in the future for companies that are increasingly looking at getting into the green market and investing in and developing new technologies in this sphere of the energy market.

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