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Greener Air Travel

There was excitement at Farnborough air show last year, when the new Boeing plane that is taglined the Dreamliner made its first appearance.

The plane has several features that make it greener and more environmentally friendly. The aeroplane is also quieter.

It is made of carbon fibre and is lighter than normal planes, which are usually made of aluminium largely. The fact that it is lighter helps contribute to another important fact - it uses less fuel than traditional passenger carrying aeroplanes, which means that there will be less emissions as a result for the same journey.

Another advantage on the practical level will be that it is more spacious for people inside and has bigger windows so you get a better view during the flight. Not only that, but the air pressure inside the cabin will be higher during the flight meaning that you won't feel so tired when you get off the aircraft.

In summary it is said to use 80% of the fuel load of a normal flight and be some 60% quieter, so that bit will be good for those who live near major airports who will want these flying overheard rather than traditional planes as soon as they can.

Of course, it is important to remember that there is still considerable environmental impact from aircraft, but surely it is a step in the right direction to reduce emissions from aeroplanes and hopefully if this plane does well commercially then other airlines will follow suit, and ensure that future planes get progressively more and more green, even if ones running off renewable fuels that have no bad waste products are still a long way off, every journey needs a first step - or first flight, perhaps, in this case!

Date published: 26 Jul 2010

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