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Houses And A Climate Friendly Carbon Footprint

If your house is well insulated, then it becomes a lot more energy efficient, because the major drain when it comes to houses in terms of their carbon footprint is the heating bill, and if the heating needed is a lot less due to a well insulated building then this can make it a lot more climate friendly as a result.

Of course to some extent the age of the building and the type of building can make a considerable difference, but there are very few lost causes.

Even massive buildings can be improved; for instance it has been said that the empire states building itself no less can save 105,000 tonnes of carbon dioxides over 15 years by being retrofitted, that is a truly staggering amount!

If you are interested in improving the insulation in your home then there is good news in various areas as there are many government schemes that will either subsidise or cover the costs entirely.

One such scheme is called warm zone and it offers free loft and cavity wall insulation to every household in the borough of Kirklees.

There are other schemes out there that can do similar things or at least can offer a loan to install domestic renewable energy systems that are interest free, so they are worth looking into.

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