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Make Your Washing A Lot More Energy Efficient

There are several ways to save when washing and water conservation is something we all need to get better at - water is such a precious resource after all.

First up, you should ensure that you always do a full load, a partial load is a waste of lots of water.

Another key tip is to ensure that you use cold water where possible and reduce the temperature of your wash as much as you can.

That's because you can save a massive amount of enerfy you use to wash the clothes when you move to a colder wash, and there are cold water detergents out there that are idea for this sort of wash.

Finally, remember that if there are any leaks in and around the home, then these could be wasting lots of water every year. So perform regularly a check for water leaks and particularly silent leaks such as the odd drip from behind the toilet flush for instance that you might not otherwise have noticed.

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