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Save Energy Around The Home

Saving energy around the home is actually easy and painless when you know how!

The first thing that you must do is get into a discipline of switching OFF appliances when you aren't using them.

We have become lazy as people and use remote controls all the time.

But would it really be so terrible to have to switch on the TV at the plug socket when we want to use it and turn it off again at night?

Many of us leave appliances permanently on standby, but this is very wasteful of energy and estimates from electricity companies show that the average household loses a small fortune on 'standby' modes over the course of their home-owning lives.

So when not in use - switch it off!

Also do not be wasteful with other products for instance the dishwasher - wait until you have a full load. If you only have a few items then wait, or simply wash them up in a bowl of warm water. This again will save energy and water.

Make sure that your home is well insulated and invest in things like double glazing and check the loft insulation.

This will mean you need use less energy to heat your house and keep it warm, again good for your pocket and the environment.

In lots of little ways like this you can save energy around the home, and when combined with recycling and minimal use of your car or other vehicles, you can ensure that yours truly is a green household!

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