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How To Meet Your Home's Hot Water Needs

How do you make your own hot water? Where does hot water even come from?

Many of us don't really know how the water systems within our own homes work.

We just take it for granted that when you want that hot water in the morning, it will be there.

Many of us would not be amused if we woke up to cold water each day like it used to be not so very long ago and are all used to having a nice long soak in a hot bath once in a while.

Well, you can now actually contribute to the water that you need, or more specifically the hot water you need, by heating it yourself.

And one way to do this is with the use of solar thermal energy.

Apparently with solar thermal power you can generate up to around a third of the hot water needs for your house: so whilst there is the cost of getting solar fitted (for which there are often grants available which are worth looking into) the solar panels then work for you... depending how much light you have during the course of the year... to generate electricity that can be used for things like heating up your water.

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