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Tips On Keeping Animals

When it comes to keeping animals, this might be commonplace in the country but if you keep even something like chickens in many places there will be those that raise their eyebrows at you.

It is a little known fact but quite often the title deeds of a property will have very specific restrictions on what you can and can't keep on your land / garden, so first of all you need to consult with those to see that your plans are not going to be going against what you are allowed to keep.

If you are keeping livestock, then you have to register with DEFRA. This is because animals can and do carry diseases, which need to be kept under control, hence the need to register. The movement of livestock also has to be registered and recorded.

If you keep chickens, then depending on the number you don't need to register. But for those that are keeping a serious number, that is defined as over 50, then again you need to be on the national poultry register - yes that really does exist; contact DEFRA again to found out how to do that.

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