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Eco Friendly Appliances

You may not realise this, but some of the appliances that we take for granted in our homes are incredibly large users of energy. And even those that consume small amounts over a period of time can still use a large amount.

The other fact that many people do not realise is that converting to a more eco-friendly house with eco-friendly appliances need not cost the earth and in fact can definitely lead to cost savings over time as well as helping the environment.

Another point to note is that cost and energy savings are easy to come by with a little effort.

Rather than using the tumbledryer all the time or even getting a more energy efficient tumbledryer, why not give up on it completely?

If you live in a place that is moderately warm or simply windy, then why not hang up your washing to dry outside in the air - this can save you the costs of using a dryer machine and of course means that the clothes are nice and aerated when it comes time to wear them again. This is also more friendly to the clothes themselves and can help them last longer as the process is less stressful for them than the concentrated heat and tumbling of the usual drying processes.

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