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What Is Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy is the name given to sources of energy that are relatively inexhaustible, and are contrasted with precious resources on earth that are definitely finite.

For instance, oil and gas come from reserves in the earth that are being tapped and used up at a great rate. They will run out in a matter of decades, even if more reserves are found and prolong the deadline we are talking short term.

This is contrasted with energy sources that harvest what the world around us provides - wind power, solar power and so forth which are renewable as they don't run out (not for billions of years in the case of solar power, anyway).

Renewable energies are also called sustainable and it is important that we harness them in order to save the planet and save the resources available to us. For many the alternative of nuclear energy is unpalatable so it is very important to encourage research and use of renewable energy.

There are various grants available for the use of renewable energy, research into, and people are actively encouraged for instance to fit solar panels to help generate small amounts of electricity, to heat up water in storage heaters during the day and so on.

Solar cells and solar technology are becoming more and more within the budgets of ordinary people and there are companies that specialise in their installation.

For more information on solar cells and how to get them fitted, here are some links to companies that can help in this regard.

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