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How To Save Wildlife With Your Garden

Many of us know how we can help the environment with our garden.

But also equally important to being 'green' is to be friendly and nurture the wild life around us.

A concrete jungle is no good for many species that still rely on plants and grass for food, protection, prey and breeding grounds.

And the more diverse habitats we can offer, the better.

So when gardening make a special effort to research the local wildlife and the sorts of flora and flauna they crave - and then plant them.

For instance, teasels and other seed-bearing plants are great for finches like goldfinches in the UK, and plants that have berries of all sorts tend to be favourites with many birds and offer much needed food towards the end of the year for them.

If you have piles of leaves and so on these are great sites for hedgehogs to hide and warm enough to hibernate in.

Tall grasses or a 'wildpatch' in the garden that is left to its own devices can be great for insects, and also for a range of butterflies and moths as wild plants that spring up in the area are great for them.

Also think about water based life and if safe and your garden large enough to accommodate it, think of a pond - even a small one is great, and if you are interested in a pond read our specific article on ponds and how to create a healthy and sustainable pond for a variety of insects, amphibians, fish and other creatures too!

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