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Make Your Business Greener

If you run a business, then there has never been a better time to give something back to the environment and become a 'greener' business as a result.

There is finally increasing pressure on companies to be environmentally aware.

One thing that you could consider is the planting of trees to help offset some of the carbon that is emitted daily in your workplace and perhaps through the creation and distribution of your products too.

You can either do one off donations or even you could commit to spend 1% of profits on planting trees somewhere.

For best results in terms of benefiting the immediate area you could even approach local authorities, voluntary groups etc and see how you can get involved with any projects locally that may be going on to create some sort of community woodland.

The key is that you should do this because you want to make a difference and not purely for good PR or similar - and helping the local community and seeing the benefit is surely far more satisfying and in the spirit of 'going green' than getting the cheapest quote possible for the planting of some trees somewhere in the world!

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