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Sewage Plants That Generate Energy

There are a certain type of bacteria, infact probably several types, that don't particularly like fresh air. And this can be a good thing in a sewage plant!

In the standard process of sewage cleaning, bacteria take solid waste and turn it into methane with liquid waste too that has to be removed by other bacteria and requires lots of energy to supply oxygen, and therefore uses lots of power.

However a new type of bacterium has been found that turns ammonia straight into nitrogen. This means that the energy isn't needed, and additionally a waste product is methane which can be used as fuel; therefore this could actually generate decent amounts of energy.

Whether this will actually get implemented remains to be seen by nevertheless it is interesting that such a bacterium has been found. Many have said that the key to better and greener processes in the future is to discover more bacteria that can be used to further enhance such processes, though of course it could be that soon they are actually being engineered with exactly the properties that are required by science to do the job.

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