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Recycling Batteries And Phones

Batteries are particularly nasty when thrown away as they tend to contain chemicals that are not too environmentally friendly.

The best way is to use rechargeable batteries as in most cases these will last a very long time and will not need to be thrown away, although some people don't like to pay the extra cost for them this is usually something of a false economy.

If you do have non-rechargeable batteries ask your council if they have a collection scheme for batteries or know of a recycling facility, whilst there are not too many these do exists.

And you may not know but some manufacturers will actually take old batteries back off you.

With regard mobile phones, these are one of the products where throwaway has increased exponentially in the last few years with more and more people having multiple phones and changing phone a monthly basis or even more often than that!

Because of this their recycling has become more high profile and there are a range of schemes and methods to recycle them out there. Lots of phone shops will take them back when finished with and some organisations will also take them off your hands meaning that you shouldn't need to simply bin an old handset these days.

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