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How Cows Can Power Your Home

Livestock in general get a very bad press at the moment. Everyone is saying (on TV, in the media etc) that livestock generate huge amounts of methane and that this contributes significantly to global warming.

And in addition to this they point out that it takes a lot more energy to have a meat diet than a vegetarian one, the implication seemingly being that livestock are bad news and that we should eat carrots, not cows.

However help is at hand for our bovine friends and their PR reputation as now it seems that there is a method to take the methane that they produce and use it for useful means - turn it into fuel.

Liquid manure can be used in new large plants along with a little maize and grain to power fermenters that generate considerable amounts of electricity. Indeed there is currently a plant doing just this and generating many megawatts of electricity and heat, so it is not just a pipedream!

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