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Greener Driving With An Electric Car

Electric motor cars have been on the horizon for a long time, but they have never really come into the mainstream, at least not yet. This may be about to change, but we'll have to wait and see if that really is the case or not.

The great thing about electric cars is that when they are operating there is no problem with exhaust emissions or harmful gases being spewed out - because there aren't any.

All the energy needed for the car to move is stored in the battery that the electric car runs off.

However, it does need to be said that there are of course emissions that are produced in the way that the electricity is generated. Assuming that the car is charged off the main energy grid, then whatever the standard emissions for the energy that you are using is, those have to be factored in.

But it is agreed that using an electric car is greener than all the emissions from a petrol or a diesel engine.

It is also worth thinking about some sort of hybrid car that may be more practical - these have a combination of a battery AND a petrol engine, and therefore are fuel efficient and also have good performance.

So in summary those are a couple of the options that you can take when it comes to driving a greener vehicle. Another option is the fuel you use in your car - read the biofuel article for more on this.

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