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Enviromentally Friendly Household Cleaners

Lots of chemicals that we buy in ready made products for use around the house are extremely nasty. Lots of them give out irritating fumes and are dangerous to touch, and if they leach in to the environment or are not disposed of correctly, they can cause damage to the environment.

Therefore why not make use of the fact that there are many products around the house that you already have that are good for cleaning and that you should be able to harness to make your household cleaner with these DIY products!

Here are some really useful basic items that you can use to make the appropriate cleaner for you.

- Baking soda

This is great for scrubbing

- Borax

This is really good for removes smells and so is good in the laundry, in addition it also helps to disinfect

- Normal vinegar

Great for cleaning and giving a shine when added to the water used to clean windows for instance

- Olive oil

Good for collecting dirt and a little bit on wood gives a nice polish effect

- Lemon

Great for dissolving grease due to the acid contents

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