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Greener Fuels Such As Biofuels

Biofuels are those that are made from plant materials. Examples of such fuels are things like biodiesel, and indeed also bioethanol.

The plants that these are made from vary and they may be made from things like wheat or oils extracted from plants - in other words, from vegetable oils.

The reason that they can be better or greener is that they help with the balance of the carbon cycle, specifically with regard to carbon dioxide. They take in CO2 when they grow and tehrefore when this is given out when the fuel is burnt at least there is a degree of balance there.

There are different types of biofuel and cars that run either fully on biofuels, or more usually, on a combination or mix of the two.

For instance it is not widely known, but a small percentage of the petrol from ordinary filling stations often contains biofuels now and indeed much of the diesel contains a level of around 5% biofuel which can be used by the vehicle engines without the need for any sorts of modifications.

Now whether biofuels are the future or we'll look to some other sort of fuel instead we do not know, because there have been highlighted problems with biofuels both with getting them in a form suitable for car usage and also with where the material is grown in such a way that it does not use up valuable land that could be used for food crops in order to feed people. But it is certainly something to be aware of.

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