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Loft Insulation And Saving Energy

It has been estimated that loft insulation can be a huge saver of energy for many a home.

This is because older homes tended not to have that good loft insulation, and also homes tend to lose a large amount of their heat through the roof, because hot air rises and therefore escapes through the roof of the house into the world around us.

This means that to keep our house at a certain temperature during cold times, which is a considerable proportion of the year for those who live in the UK, you need to use more energy than would be necessary if the energy was stored properly and not leaked out.

This means more money, and of course it is also less friendly to the environment as generally is the case with any sort of inefficiency.

Therefore it is worth ensuring that you have loft insulation. According to a figure from the energy saving trust, you could save up to around £150 a year on your energy bills if you insulate your loft.

That adds up to a huge saving for your pocket, and also a huge saving for the environment in terms of energy conservation.

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