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Solar Electricity Can Generate Most Of Your Energy

Solar electricity is that which is generated through having solar powered photovoltaic cells on the roof of your house.

The way these work is to capture the photons from sunlight, and use the energy from those photons to make electricity.

This then gets fed in to the home and can make you up to around 50% of the energy your home needs from the sun - which is quite an interesting thought, the source of light millions of miles away making most of the electricity that you need for your home from just a few photovoltaic cells sitting on the roof of your house.

There may be a time in the future where all new builds have solar powered cells on them embedded in the roof, and there are new technologies all the time that may even allow solar energy to be collected through windows.

The sun is such an amazing resource and we are only just starting to work out how to tap into all that heat energy that beams down on us.

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