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Why Is Recycling So Important?

Recycling is important for many reasons. One of these is that we are fast using up the earths precious resources in the current material world where we take all the incredible products around us for granted. But the truth is that many of the materials these are made of are in short supply and we will run out of them naturally before long.

Therefore it makes sense to recycle. There is also the energy implication, usually rescuing material and re-using it through recycling uses much less energy than going through the whole process from end to end.

For instance research has shown that it only takes about five per cent the energy to recycle some aluminium than it does to make it new, and not only that in the process the amount of carbon required is also around a twentieth that of the full end to end process.

Therefore to put it in perspective just one recycled can saves the energy to keep you happily watching the TV all evening compared to a new can being created from the raw materials!

By recycling we can ensure that we get the most out of the precious resources that we have created, and help to eliminate the culture of just throwing things away.

There is the common perception that recycling is something that is going to be very inconvenient for people, but it need not be.

For instance most people now have different coloured bins to sort their rubbish into, with a bin for paper products and one often for glass bottles: by adopting simple practices like this we can help to make a difference.

And also we can support recycling in other ways by buying recycled products: for instance recycled paper in the shops rather than paper that is fresh from newly cut down trees and so forth. This again is another way to support recycling that is not much hardship.

And around the home we can keep our fruit and vegetable waste to make our own compost, which the plants will thank you for sure, and in that way do your bit to reduce the amount of rubbish that we bin as a nation day in and day out.

This section contains lots of useful articles on recycling if you want more tips and ideas, as well as a range of other green related hints, tips, articles and ideas.

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