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Sell Energy That You Generate

Electricity that you generate has the potential to make you some money, in addition to helping you do your bit for the environment.

We all know that most projects to create green energy are very expensive, and therefore this could be an important way of gradually starting to accrue some of the money back that was spent on that green renewable microgeneration project.

The process of being able to sell energy that you create works through something called a clean energy cashback scheme, which is a type of feed-in tariff.

These are new, and came into effect in Britain from 1st April 2010. The way it works is that energy suppliers make payments on a regular basis to householders who generate their own electricity (or indeed to a community) through means of, say, solar electricity or wind turbines.

The scheme ensures that there is a minimum payment for the electricity generated by the system and for that exported to the grid.

This means that if you have a microgeneration project you should have reduced bills as a result. And in addition you can get an additional income from the feed-in tariff.

First of course in order to take advantage of this feed-in tariff, you need to have a product installed. Then once it is installed, you notify your energy supplier, and need to give them something called a FiT eligibility certificate, this is something that your installer will give you. They check this out and that you are eligible for the tariff, and then the ball is well and truly rolling.

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