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Make Your Travel Greener

Most people unthinkingly jump in the car even when going on relatively short journeys, due to laziness, convenience in a lot of cases.

However there are lots of ways to make your travel greener with just a little bit of consideration. Here are some ideas for you.

First, why not always try to walk or go by bike on any journey that can be reached reasonably. Not only is this good for your health, it also saves you money in terms of petrol, and of course it doesn't pollute the environment.

Next, remember to see if you can work from home more in your job. Finally more companies and employers are getting more enlightened and actually trusting their employees to do the work when they work from home, and so it is important that we all push to be able to do this more. The less commuting the less the environment gets polluted and we all save on those petrol bills.

If you have to use a car, then why not organise lifts with other people? Most of us know someone else in the area who also has children going to school, or perhaps who works in the same office as us or at least nearby.

So carpool and share lifts. This will cut the amount of emissions and also save our petrol costs. If you share with a friend a 30 minute car journey each time, then it'll halve your petrol bill for the year for that journey in one fell swoop in addition to polluting the environment that bit less.

So make sure that you car share whenever you can, a car journey with just one person in is usually a waste.

To that end, always consider using public transport when you can too - rather than driving on your own somewhere, take the train.

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