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Don't Bin Your Old Products

Rather than binning your old products, think about recycling them.

There are many ways to do this - for instance books and clothes are always gratefully received at charity shops.

But what about other products that you would either bin or take down the tip?

Well there are options here too.

Many people are grateful for a range of items and even that old sofa you have which is going to be replaced by a new shiny one can be sold through the adverts in the local paper rather than being taken down the tip at cost to you.

And a large range of items are wanted by someone, somewhere - the problem has always been to find that person.

However there are now a range of schemes in many countries to help you get in touch with people who want what you are disposing. No matter what it is, there is probably someone somewhere who wants it, and what better way to be green than to ensure that what you have goes to a new home rather than just sit on the ever growing scrap heap?

The best way to do this in the UK is to take a look at the freecycle website.

There you can look out people in your area who are both wanting and disposing things, so do your bit for the environment and before you bin something, check out freecycle first and see if anyone in the local area wants it!

Here is the UK Freecycle site:

UK Freecycle site

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