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Where To Find Biodiesel In The UK

Filling up with normal petrol or diesel is easy enough in the UK. That's because there are many garages around that sell the most commonly used fuels.

But if you go the extra mile and get a biofuel car - that is one that runs 100% on the stuff rather than a mix or something like the 5% that is added to many standard diesel fuels, then where can you go in order to fill up?

Well there are lists of biodiesel filling stations available on some websites. If you go to the DirectGov website page on biodiesel, it links to the website below:


If you go to that web page listed above then you will be able to find out more information on places where you can fill up with biodiesel.

In addition there is a page on that site that tells you about outlets abroad and other useful information such as which cars are OK to run on biodiesel so it is worth looking at that site if you are running a biodiesel car or indeed are thinking of doing so.

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