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The Costs Of Solar Electricity Outlined

What are the costs of a solar electricity project for your house or home? Well you could ask how long is a piece of string, but that would be inaccurate as for the standard home it is possible to at least partially hone in on what ballpark the costs would be likely to be in, in terms of the range of prices.

An average sort of system for a normal house would probably be anywhere in the region of around £7,000 - £16,000 and it can vary outside of that bracket too.

There are various factors that would affect the actual price, which are mainly common sense, but do include things such as :

- conventional panels are cheaper than solar tiles
- the more electricity the system is capable of generating, measured in kilowatt peak, the higher the cost will generall be
- whilst the above point is valid, also remember that the more money it could save you long term as it could generate a higher percentage of your energy needs
- panels built into a roof will cost more than those taht sit on it

So that provides a very rough idea of the sort of costs you could incur but the only way to find out is to get quotes from a number of suppliers. Whilst the figure is going to be very high you should try to keep in your mind that once in place then at least you will get a percentage of your electricity for free from that point on.

As a guideline figure, it has been suggested that you could expect to receve in the region of £200 off your electricity bill each year.

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