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Methods Of Making Your Driving More Environmentally Friendly

One of the main things that you can do in order to be greener for the environment is to drive a little bit more slowly and indeed to drive more smoothly, too.

The fact is that if you follow some simple tips you could actually save up to a month's worth of fuel over the course of a year which means that you save the emissions on all that fuel too - good for your bank balance and the environment which is a good combination to have!

So what should you do?

Well the key is to drive nice and smoothly and also more slowly, that's because you use up more fuel when you drive more quickly so ensure that you do stick to speed limits. Also you should try to drive smoothly by stopping or accelerating harshly as little as possible because those are less efficient at fuel usage and therefore you use more fuel pro rata and therefore have greater emissions as a result.

Changing gears at the right time is important too because excess revs are possible otherwise which is less efficient in terms of the engine. As a guideline rule when the revs hit 2500 rpm then it is time to shift up the geras. The most efficient gear for most speeds is fifth gear although of course you should always use the correct gear for the conditions.

Finally stopping and starting as little as possible is important - many people start the engine a few minutes before they go; there's no need to do it with modern cars which are designed to be started and go; so only switch on the engine when you are about to move.

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