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Wind Turbines Of The Future

Wind turbines: many people love them and see them as the future, whilst others hate them and the energy that they produce.

The NIMBY argument often applies to wind turbines that are proposed where they may be seen by residents in an area and there are even environmental problems such as birds flying into the turbines and being killed, and in some places this has been blamed for a significant impact on a population.

However, wind turbines out at sea don't face the same problems to such an extent, if they can be placed far out at sea. This also would allow more energy to be generated as far offshore the winds are stronger.

But to date they have been stuck to the seabed and therefore not able to be that far out.

Now latest plans reveal that wind turbines that float (essentially on a floating boat type vessel) will enable the wind turbines to be placed far out and thus make the most of the energy that can be derived from the wind. This is about to happen off the Norwegian coast and the energy will go into contributing to the national power grid.

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