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The 1992 Earth Summit In Rio De Janeiro

Were the hopes that were raised after the famous Earth Summit in Rio all those years ago just pipe dreams?

Well that seems to be the conclusion that is increasingly being drawn by many commentators on green issues and the environment, sadly.

The reason for that is simply that it looks like the conservation aid that has been offered by countries around teh world has been considerably overestimated, and in addition there is no real way of knowing whether the projects that the aid that has been received has paid for has actually had a positive impact in terms of ensuring that biodiversity is protected.

This is a sobering thought, and research has shown that donor nations have not ever actually met the annual spending amounts that were set at that Rio earth summit back in 1992.

One reason for the discrepancy is that the OECD statistics allow donor nations to decide what counts as a biodiversity-related aid and so therefore if this is taken as a wide and more generous field then it could inflate the figures.

The biggest problem though is simply that of trying to assess whether the aid that has been given has actually worked and has helped in the aims to which it was intended to protect and assist, and that is almost impossible to tell.

Date published: 23 Jul 2010

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