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A Green Future And Climategate: What Is Climategate?

For many people, climate change seems to be something of a religion, and this is largely because elements of media have presented it as something that people either believe in, almost to the extent of it being a faith, or do not believe in it at all. This is the language of the climate change "deniers" and those who are "affirmers" on the flip side.

The thing is, that descriptions such as that are both misleading and also wrong. Whether someone believes that humans have impacted the climate, and specifically whether man made impact on the planet is leading to it warming up, is something that can be settled intelligibly by each person making their own mind up after reading the scientific research and making a call as to whether it warrants merit or not.

The climategate part of the affair refers to private emails that were made public, never a good recipe, back in November 2009, from people at a climate research unit at a British university in East Anglia.

Now there is much debate about whether the pace of change and what the future impact will be, and what needs to be done to stop future climate change impacting negatively on our lives, so it is much more subtle than being a for or against position: there are those who have many different interpretations about what has happened, why it has happened and what will happen in the future, but it seems to be fair to say that most scientists believe in the fact that humans have had an impact on the climate at least to some extent.

Date published: 26 Jul 2010

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