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Using Wind To Generate Your Own Energy

Many forms of modern power seem esoteric and beyond the reach of most people. For instance, nuclear power seems like some dangerous and odd thing that most of us don't understand and many of us are fearful of.

Contrast that however with something like wind power, which is renewable, accessible and which makes intuitive sense to us all. We've all stood in a strong gust of wind and felt the power it has in terms of almost knocking us off our feet or at least making it difficult to walk.

And so harnessing the power of the wind is one way in which we can generate our own energy, via a microgeneration project.

And to collect energy from the wind, a turbine is needed. Think of how a windmill works and you're almost there. A turbine has its blades turned by the power of the wind, and this is used to generate electricity and power for you.

There are a range of manufacturers of wind turbine products, and the trick is getting one that minimises noise, as if you've ever stood by some wind turbines you can be surprised how noisy they are. There is also potential issues with maintenance and reliability to consider, and of course size and location. Many people love the idea of generating their own energy through wind turbines, but don't really want one in their back yard and their neighbours who won't benefit directly from it certainly don't!

Modern providers create turbines that are very quiet, and ones that continuously monitor the power that is being output by the turbine and try to ensure that the blades move all the time at a low speed to optimise power output whilst keeping noise levels down. Turbines also come in a wide range of sizes, and you may see mini-generators on the top of modern flat and housing developments for instance which are far from intrusive.

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